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Who produces Santa Felisa Coffee?

We are the fourth generation of coffee producers proudly managing and operating Santa Felisa, Los Jutes and Parraxaj: Anabella, Antonio and Ana Lucia Meneses.

Anabella implemented 10 years ago a concept of Precise Agriculture with Ecologic emphasis, working with the community and understanding the natural systems. Over 10 wet-mill processes have created a “bouquet of aromas and flavors”.

In our 8th Edition of Santa Felisa Special Reserve distinctive and exotic products are offered for a multidimensional sensorial experience to satisfy your demanding palates. We deliver these coffees at the door of your business, leading a very pure concept of the 3rd. wave coffee movement.


It all starts in choosing quality seeds of each variety. The microclimate, agricultural practices and harvesting the perfect ripen cherries are vital steps to keep the natural quality of the bean. We test over 30 different varieties in a pilot field before planting only those that will develop ideally with the conditions of our farms.

In 2018’s edition, we offer the best of our Geshas and Pacamaras in a variety of processes that complete this sensorial experience you will always remember.


We offer Double Soak; K72; Orange Honey and Natura processes upon request, but for Santa Felisa Special Reserve, Anabella creates her own special recipes (from the field till wet-mill process) to delight and blow your palate away.

  1. Solid-state Fermentation.
  2. Natural Slow Dry
  3. Natural- Anaerobic Fermentation
  4. Natural – Thermo-Resistant Yeast Fermentation
  5. Natural – Submerged Fermentation
  6. Special k-72
  7. Special Double Soak
  8. Orange Honey

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