Santa Felisa Auction 2023

Overall Auction Description

Lots: 18
Origin: Guatemala, Acatenango Valley
Varieties: African Gesha, Gesha 2722, Dwarf Gesha, Sudan Rume, Red Pacamara, SL-28
Opening Price: $25.00/kg
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Lots in this auction

LotVarietyProcessBagsWeightIncrementBidTotal valueTitleHigh bidderTime left
SF-01-01African GeshaWild Yeast - Natural169kgs$0.25$65.50/kg$4,519.50Scent Of Flowers - Floral - Mango - Ripe plums印格咖啡IngeCoffee for CHG(剁手咖啡群)& VeiserCoffeeRoasters(唯舍咖啡) FINISHED
SF-01-02African GeshaWild Yeast - Natural169kgs$0.25$65.25/kg$4,502.25Scent Of Flowers - Floral - Mango - Ripe plumsHaru International Corp, FINISHED
SF-02Gesha 2722Heap Fermentation - Natural192kgs$0.25$40.50/kg$3,726.00Solar Noon - Jasmine - Mango - PeachCloudpink Korea FINISHED
SF-03Gesha 2722Wild Yeast - Natural1138kgs$0.25$34.50/kg$4,761.00Milky Way - Dry Plum – Dark Chocolate - MangoSewoong GC (GC Trading) FINISHED
SF-04Gesha 2722Yeast 24 Hrs. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae - Natural1138kgs$0.25$40.50/kg$5,589.00Elixir - Floral - Strawberry - CaramelPebble Coffee for Simple Kaffa THE Coffee One FINISHED
SF-05Gesha 2722Lactic Acid Bacteria (Lab) 48 Hrs - Natural146kgs$0.25$110.50/kg$5,083.00Sunset - Caramel - Jasmine – Black GrapesCoffee Stain Malaysia, Tongue Mission Coffee Roasters Malaysia, Personal Best Coffee Roasters Hong Kong, Madness Roastworks By KEW Specialty Coffee FINISHED
SF-06-01Gesha 2722Wild Yeast - Natural1115kgs$0.25$31.15/kg$3,582.25Sunrise- Grapefruit – Dark Chocolate - BlueberryRed Whale Coffee FINISHED
SF-06-02Gesha 2722Wild Yeast - Natural1115kgs$0.25$31.15/kg$3,582.25Sunrise- Grapefruit – Dark Chocolate - Blueberry印格咖啡IngeCoffee & 厦门甘丹贸易 & Vanilla specialty coffee & 无限福气 & 执人执味 FINISHED
SF-07Dwarf GeshaWild Yeast - Natural192kgs$0.25$45.25/kg$4,163.00Fire - Pineapple - Caramel - Ripe Dry plum 印格咖啡IngeCoffee for rarakiddo绝对小孩咖啡 FINISHED
SF-08-01Red PacamaraLactic Acid Bacteria (Lab) 24 Hrs - Natural1138kgs$0.25$22.00/kg$3,036.00Thunder - Caramel- Orange Peel - GrapefruitSewoong GC(GC Trading), International Coffee Museum FINISHED
SF-08-02Red PacamaraLactic Acid Bacteria (Lab) 24 Hrs - Natural1138kgs$0.25$21.75/kg$3,001.50Thunder - Caramel- Orange Peel - Grapefruit印格咖啡IngeCoffee & 厦门甘丹贸易 & PIGGYBANK & 执人执味 & 泰摩咖啡(上海)有限公司 FINISHED
SF-09Red PacamaraWild Yeast - Natural1138kgs$0.25$30.00/kg$4,140.00Solar Eclipse - Caramel- Raspberry - BerriesM2M COFFEE FINISHED
SF-10Red PacamaraLactic Acid Bacteria (Lab) 48 Hrs - Natural1138kgs$0.25$18.00/kg$2,484.00Fruit From The Woods - Caramel- Orange Peel - GrapefruitGreen Loaders Inc. FINISHED
SF-11-01Red PacamaraHeap Fermentation - Natural1138kgs$0.25$37.25/kg$5,140.50Blue Moon -Papaya- Chocolate – Dry plumOne half coffee roastery / Tri Up Coffee/ Contour By KEW Specialty Coffee FINISHED
SF-11-02Red PacamaraHeap Fermentation - Natural169kgs$0.25$23.00/kg$1,587.00Blue Moon -Papaya- Chocolate – Dry plumLittle City FINISHED
SF-12Sudan RumeHeap Fermentation - Natural111.5kgs$0.25$48.75/kg$560.63Honey Moon- Mango - Cinnamon – Dark Chocolate印格咖啡IngeCoffee for GO TO COFFEE ROASTERY (SWATOW) FINISHED
SF-13-01Sl-28Heap Fermentation - Natural1138kgs$0.25$22.75/kg$3,139.50Starlight - Passion fruit - Banana - BlackberryOrsir Coffee FINISHED
SF-13-02Sl-28Heap Fermentation - Natural169kgs$0.25$22.50/kg$1,552.50Starlight - Passion fruit - Banana - BlackberryRed Whale Coffee FINISHED
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