Lot SF-4-01: Sunrise -Gesha 2722 - Wild yeast - Natural.

At Santa Felisa, this is the traditional Natural process. Recently picked cherries were semidried in African beds. The drying process was interrupted for five days when water activity reached Aw=0.85. Sun drying process continued to get the final product.

And right there, the caramel fragrance anticipated an extremely sweet cup profile, like butterscotch, jasmine aroma and a delicious ripen-plums delighted the palate. Peaches flavor notes and honey in the aftertaste.

Lot Description

Reference Number:SF-4-01
Opening Bid:$25.00/kg
Weight:138 kgs
Varietal:Gesha 2722
Harvest:February 2021
Producer Cupping Notes:Caramel-Jasmine-Plum
Drying Method:Natural

Farm details

Farm Name: Chualax
Region: Chimaltenango
Town: Acatenango valley®
Farm Size: 7.0 ha
Farm Location: 14.345, 90.565
Farm Elevation: 1850m
Average Rainfall: 1100 to 1500 mm

Other info

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