Lot SF-4-02: Sunrise -Gesha 2722 - Wild yeast - Natural

At Santa Felisa, this is the traditional Natural process. Recently picked cherries were semidried in African beds. The drying process was interrupted for five days when water activity reached Aw=0.85. Sun drying process continued to get the final product.
And right there, the caramel fragrance anticipated an extremely sweet cup profile, like butterscotch, jasmine aroma and a delicious ripen-plums delighted the palate. Peaches flavor notes and honey in the aftertaste.

Lot Description

Reference Number:SF-4-02
Opening Bid:$25.00/kg
Weight:138 kgs
Varietal:Gesha 2722
Harvest:February 2021
Producer Cupping Notes:Caramel-Jasmine-Plum

Farm details

Farm Name: Chualax
Region: Chimaltenango
Town: Acatenango valley®
Farm Size: 7.0 ha
Farm Location: 14.341, 90.565
Farm Elevation: 1850
Average Rainfall: 1100 to 1500mm

Other info

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