Farm Name: El Paraxaj
Coffee Name: Sunrise- Gesha 2722 –Natural-Slow dry
Lot #: SF-05
Harvest date: January 2018
Variety: Gesha 2722
Process: Natural – Slow Dry. Sun-dried during 15 days at 30°C and under shadow for 20 days at 20°C
Elevation: 1600 masl
Avg. Temp: 17°C - 23°C
Avg. Rainfall: 1200 to 1500 mm
Growing Region: Acatenango-Chimaltenango (Guatemala)
Owner/Exporter: Agrocomercial Santa Felisa,S.A.
Mill: EcoCoffee, S.A.

Cupping Notes:
Green tea aroma, with dark chocolate hints and grapefruit lively-bright acidity. Very balanced coffee with a velvety and consistent body, with plum lingering finish.

Coffee and cupping details

Bags: 6
Weight: 138 lbs

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