Santa Felisa Coffee Auction 2020

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Overall Auction Description

입찰 계약

In this 10th. Edition of Santa Felisa Reserva Especial, we would like to celebrate life and culture diversity and share with you our talent to produce exotic and distinctive coffees. In this opportunity, we will also offer buyers a painture made by a talented Mayan woman as a token of our edition’s theme: A #PalletofFlavors.

Our carefully selected cherries are transformed by different processing methods, using technology to measure and track every step in the processing, some of them very innovative. We call them special reserves, which like artist’s canvases combine different mixtures of light. In each sip, our coffees produce a #PaletteofFlavors that stimulate the senses of the most demanding connoisseurs.

Our passion for coffee cultivation under a sustainable environment promotes biodiversity in our plantations, event that will result in a special microclimate that brings Santa Felisás Magic Terroir.
Using the natural occurring microorganisms, and by controlling the fermentation, and drying process, we create the perfect synergy that will surprise you with an extraordinary balance and colorful flavors.

We invite you to participate in our 10th. Edition of Santa Felisa Online Auction to celebrate our #PaletteofFlavors at the time like you will get a piece of art inspired on our special reserve coffees. Each time you drink a delicious cup of Santa Felisa’s lot and you see the painting hanging in the wall, remember you have your own talent. Get inspired and share it with humankind!

14th July @ 00:00am London

Auction times in your region:

Monday, July 13th, 2020

  • 16:00 pm - Los Angeles
  • 19:00 pm - New York

Tuesday July 14th, 2020

  • 00:00 am - London
  • 02:00 am - Riyadh 
  • 07:00 am - Shanghai
  • 08:00 am - Tokyo
  • 08:00 am - Seoul
  • 09:00 am - Sydney

이 경매의 로트

로트VarietyProcess무게증가분입찰총 값/가치제목높은 입찰자남은 시간
SF-1Gesha 2722Natural - Wild Yeast Fermentation 69kgs$0.50$77.00/kg$5,313.00MILKY WAY - GESHA 2722 - WILD YEAST FERMENTATION - NATURALTrystero Coffee FINISHED
SF-2Gesha 2722Natural - Wild Yeast Fermentation 69kgs$0.50$78.50/kg$5,416.50SOLAR ECLIPSE - GESHA 2722 - WILD YEAST FERMENTATION - NATURALEuphora Coffee Studio FINISHED
SF-3Natural - Fruit Maceration 46kgs$0.50$84.50/kg$3,887.00SUNSET - GESHA 2722 - FRUIT MACERATION - NATURALCLOUDPINK (CENTER COFFEE KOREA) FINISHED
SF-4Gesha 2722Natural - Wild Yeast Fermentation 115kgs$0.50$61.50/kg$7,072.50STARLIGHT - GESHA 2722 - WILD YEAST FERMENTATION - NATURALGSC International Co., Ltd FINISHED
SF-5Gesha 2722Natural - Lactic Fermentation + Wild Yeast 34.5kgs$0.50$64.50/kg$2,225.25SUNRISE - GESHA 2722 - LACTIC FERMENTATION + WILD YEAST - NATURALMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
SF-6Dwarf GeshaNatural - Wild Yeast Fermentation 23kgs$0.50$96.50/kg$2,219.50SOLAR NOON - DWARF GESHA - WILD YEAST FERMENTATION - NATURALPebble Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
SF-7Red PacamaraNatural - Wild Yeast Fermentation 138kgs$0.50$25.80/kg$3,560.40ELIXIR - RED PACAMARA - WILD YEAST FERMENTATION - NATURALRed Whale Coffee FINISHED
SF-8Red PacamaraNatural - Bulk Fermentation Honeyed With Wild Bacteria 34.5kgs$0.50$25.50/kg$879.75THUNDER - RED PACAMARA - BULK FERMENTATION HONEYED WITH WILD BACTERIA - NATURALSewoong gc FINISHED
SF-9-01Red PacamaraNatural - Wild Yeast Fermentation 69kgs$0.50$24.00/kg$1,656.00FRUIT FROM THE WOODS - RED PACAMARA - WILD YEAST FERMENTATION - NATURALPebble Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
SF-9-02Red PacamaraNatural - Wild Yeast Fermentation 138kgs$0.50$22.50/kg$3,105.00FRUIT FROM THE WOODS - RED PACAMARA - WILD YEAST FERMENTATION - NATURALOrsir Coffee (Taiwan) FINISHED
SF-10African GeshaFully Washed - Double Soak-Special -Raised Beds.115kgs$0.50$52.00/kg$5,980.00SCENT OF FLOWERS - AFRICAN GESHA - SPECIAL DOUBLE SOAK - FULLY WASHEDSewoong gc FINISHED
SF-11Red Catuai Fully Washed - Yeast Fermentation (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 69kgs$0.50$45.00/kg$3,105.00HONEY MOON - RED CATUAI - YEAST FERMENTATION (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) - FULLY WASHEDBrulerie du quai FINISHED
SF-12Red CatuaiNatural - Bulk Yeast Fermentation46kgs$0.50$43.50/kg$2,001.00FIRE - RED CATUAI - LACTIC FERMENTATION + WILD YEAST - NATURALSanpin Coffee & Food Company FINISHED
SF-13Yellow CatuaiNatural - Bulk Yeast Fermentation138kgs$0.50$31.00/kg$4,278.00BLOOD MOON - YELLOW CATUAI - BULK YEAST FERMENTATION - NATURALMan met bril koffie FINISHED
SF-14-01SL-28Natural-Sundry-Aerobic Fermentation-138kgs$0.50$21.50/kg$2,967.00PINK MOON - SL28 - AEROBIC FERMENTATION - NATURALOrsir Coffee (Taiwan) FINISHED
SF-14-02SL-28Natural-Sundry-Aerobic Fermentation-46kgs$0.50$25.50/kg$1,173.00PINK MOON - SL28 - AEROBIC FERMENTATION - NATURALHaaya Gourmet Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
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