Santa Felisa Coffee Auction 2019



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The Symphony of Flavours

During this edition of Santa Felisa Reserva Especial, we celebrated the 115th Anniversary of foundation of the farm. What a better way to celebrate than with a symphony of coffee flavors.

The knowledge, the experience, the hard work and the passion we bring to coffee cultivation are assembled like in a perfect symphony. Our team of skilled workers and us, must play together an extended piece of art that will resonate in the palates of the most discerning buyers.

Just like in a symphony, our composition is done in five carefully crafted movements where many people, instruments and knowledge are involved. It starts in the field, where the best seeds are selected and planted until ready to rehearse the production of fruits. It is a slow and long processes that requires more than just the human hand. Sunlight, temperature, humidity, warm wind, shade trees, rainfall are some of the natural instruments harmonizing in unity.

Then, the harvest begins. Dozens of skilled workers trained to pick the ripen cherries rush into the coffee bushes to find those bursting in sweet, clean, and delightful flavors.
The third movement becomes the skilled touch of the soul of the processor and team that know the secrets of a well-done Honey, Natural or Fully Washed process and its adequate drying process; taking care of the appropriate light, temperature and airflow needed for an Exceptional Cup of Coffee.

The following movement brings the joy of the senses. Tasting and experimenting at our cupping lab, we create synergy to express the best of different varieties that were grown with care in a shade friendly environment; the process (Pulped natural, Natural or Full washed; all of them with different kind of fermentation process) that will express for each lot its unique magical terroir. A team of cuppers will validate and describe the notes and the hints of the outstanding cup.

And, our last movement. The excitement of making that flavorful magic happen in your own experience. Allowing your palate to interpret our passion, our work and our reality of the perfect symphony of flavors.




SF-1-01Natural - Wild Yeast Fermentation 12138lbs$0.25$31.50/lb$4,347.00MILKY WAY – GESHA 2722 – WILD YEAST FERMENTATION – NATURALPebble Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
SF-1-02Natural - Wild Yeast Fermentation 12138lbs$0.25$29.75/lb$4,105.50MILKY WAY – GESHA 2722 – WILD YEAST FERMENTATION – NATURALMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
SF-2-01Natural12138lbs$0.25$29.00/lb$4,002.00SOLAR ECLIPSE–GESHA 2722–NATURALMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
SF-2-02Natural12138lbs$0.25$29.00/lb$4,002.00SOLAR ECLIPSE–GESHA 2722–NATURALTreeswind coffee company FINISHED
SF-3Natural-Sun Dry–Yeast Fermentation12138lbs$0.25$44.50/lb$6,141.00SOLAR NOON– DWARF GESHA– NATURAL-SUN DRY-YEAST FERMENTATION Kew Specialty Coffee Ltd FINISHED
SF-4Natural-Slow Dry12138lbs$0.25$28.00/lb$3,864.00SUNSET–GESHA 2722– SLOW DRY- YEAST FERMENTATION-NATURAL GSC International Co., Ltd FINISHED
SF-5-01Natural-Raised Beds12138lbs$0.25$28.25/lb$3,898.50SUNRISE–GESHA 2722– NATURAL - HEAP FERMENTATIONOrsir Coffee(Taiwan), TRN FINISHED
SF-5-02Natural-Raised Beds12138lbs$0.25$28.00/lb$3,864.00SUNRISE–GESHA 2722– NATURAL - HEAP FERMENTATIONsewoong gc FINISHED
SF-6Natural-Sundry-Aerobic Fermentation-12138lbs$0.25$20.50/lb$2,829.00ELIXIR - RED PACAMARA- NATURAL-SUNDRY-AEROBIC FERMENTATION Studio Caffeine FINISHED
SF-7Natural-Sundry-Bulk Fermentation-Raised Beds.12138lbs$0.25$23.00/lb$3,174.00FRUITS FROM THE WOODS - RED PACAMARA-NATURAL–SUNDRY-HEAP FERMENTATION Koffee Route FINISHED
SF-8Natural -Raised Beds10115lbs$0.25$36.50/lb$4,197.50BLOOD MOON - RED CATUAI - NATURAL Haru International Corporation FINISHED
SF-10Fully Washed - Double Soak-Concrete Patios.223lbs$0.25$65.00/lb$1,495.00MOONSET- AFRICAN GESHA – DOUBLE SOAK SPECIAL Euphora Coffee Studio FINISHED
SF-11-01Fully Washed - Double Soak-Special -Raised Beds.12138lbs$0.25$43.25/lb$5,968.50SCENT OF FLOWERS- AFRICAN GESHA – DOUBLE SOAK SPECIAL Roascoff Coffee Roastery FINISHED
SF-11-02Fully Washed - Double Soak-Special -Raised Beds.12138lbs$0.25$43.00/lb$5,934.00SCENT OF FLOWERS- AFRICAN GESHA – DOUBLE SOAK SPECIAL sewoong gc FINISHED